“AJ is a dynamic and visionary leader! She is constantly inspiring and motivating our team towards success. She infuses her passion for the youth and entrepreneurship into Entre by constantly developing and implementing fresh, creative, and innovative ideas. AJ leads effectively by providing meaningful feedback and clear direction. She is a fantastic coach, who draws out my strength, talent, and skills in order to apply it to the project at hand. It is a great pleasure to work with AJ.”

Anh Quyen Nguyen , Ambassador of Buzz , Entré Worldwide
reported to Angele Jean at Entré Worldwide

AJ Thomas is a real go getter, a young woman with lots of talent, endless energy and a bold vision.

Jonathan Brennan Ph.D Ed.D, A Good Road Coaching
worked with to Angele Jean at Entré Worldwide

“AJ is a very talented colleague that I have had the privilege of working with on multiple projects. She is a motivating, resourceful project manager with exceptional relationship building skills. She has worked very hard to establish credibility within our organization, and as a result has managed highly visible projects that have consistently and successfully met the project timeline. It is always a pleasure to work with AJ, and I would absolutely recommend her as a valuable asset to any organization.”

Julie Distel , Senior Analyst, HR Technology , Iron Mountain
worked with Angele Jean at Iron Mountain Records Management

“AJ is a change agent! She is always looking for ways to change a procedure to make it quicker and more efficient. She also is a visionary and has the ability to lead the team towards her vision/end goal. AJ always challenged me to push my limits and increase my professional skills to get to the next level. She produces great results from the team while still making work fun. AJ is a great asset to any team!”

Sierra Phillips, PHR , Human Resources Administrator , Iron Mountain
reported to Angele Jean at Iron Mountain

“Aj is a fantastic business partner and I absolutely was blessed to have worked with her on my team. She is an organized, detail-orientated professional who always brings positive energy to any meeting or project. She is dynamic, creative and always takes initiative to get things done timely and accurately. I highly recommend her as an asset for any organization”

Cheri Neaylon , HR Manager , Iron Mountain
managed Angele Jean indirectly at Iron Mountain

“As we were planning the Open Enrollment process it became apparent that we would require an active enrollment for 2009, meaning all employees would need to make an election to have or not have insurance for 2009. We asked for help from our HR team and AJ took the lead without concern about how she would find the time among her day to day activities. AJ was the point person coordinating numerous tasks between the HR and Benefits teams – for example she scheduled and ensured that the HR staff attended the training sessions for Open Enrollment Presentations and Processing of Open Enrollment Forms. She was our ambassador in helping us communicate the changes within our plans and supported these changes by aiding in the education of employees and HR staff. She carefully kept track of the outstanding open enrollment forms at the sites and worked along with the HR staff in following up with employees to receive their forms. Without AJ’s enthusiasm, willingness to be the point person for the HR team, and attention to detail, the Benefits team may not have been able to successfully complete an active enrollment for our 12,000 US employees.””

Maureen Silva , Benefits Analyst , Iron Mountain
worked with Angele Jean at Iron Mountain

“AJ is without a doubt one of the finest professionals that I have had the pleasure to work with. Her attention to detail and strategic vision is unmatched in a profession that requires tremendous skill and ability. Some people can just talk the talk but AJ can walk the walk! A true and genuine professional at every level and has the respect of all those within our organization.”

Chad Murphy , Regional Manager, Human Resources , Iron Mountain
worked directly with Angele Jean at Iron Mountain

“I had the pleasure of recruiting AJ in 2007 as a Human Resources Administrator for our Northern California region. Only after several months of employment, AJ was promoted to one of our newly created Employee Services Supervisor positions that covers multiple states with additional direct reports. Since her promotion, AJ has done a fantastic job in cleaning up a lot of our processes and procedures for our HR department. She has gained the respect and admiration of her colleagues, direct reports, and the client group that she supports. She is a pleasure to work with due to her exceptional time management skills, high energy, great personality, attention to detail, and her extraordinary work ethic. It is a pleasure to be working within a team environment with AJ…”

Brandon T. Hughes, MPA, PHR , Lead Western Recruiter , Iron Mountain
managed Angele Jean indirectly at Iron Mountain

“AJ keeps the environment nicely balanced between meeting the goals and expectations ALONG with having fun.”

Frank Murray , HR Manager , Iron Mountain
worked directly with Angele Jean at Iron Mountain

“Since day one, AJ has been great to work with. She has a great personality (always smiling and staying positive) and she gets the job done! She is VERY organize and I really enjoy working with her.”

Sim Gerard , Project Coordinator , Iron Mountain
worked with Angele Jean at Iron Mountain

“Angele Jean is energetic and a delightful colleague. Her magnetic personality attracts people which makes her such a great recruiter.”

Aaron Williams , Staffing Consultant , Adecco
worked with Angele Jean at Adecco Inc.

“I had the pleasure of meeting AJ through the Career Development Program at T-Mobile. We were from two different sales channel and one of her projects was to spend some time with me to see the similarities and differences of our jobs. During that time, I really got to know AJ because of her great personality and willingness to share ideas and thoughts. She had a very creative way of thinking which help spark some ideas for myself. AJ has the correct mindset to succeed and because of her great personality and attitude it will lift any team she is a part of.”

Hung Truong , Territory Representative , T-Mobile
worked with Angele Jean at T Mobile Inc.

“AJ was a pleasure to work with, she has a multifaceted background that builds her personality and makes her a powerful asset to any team. One word that comes to mind when I think of AJ is “eager”, AJ is eager to learn, succeed and put smiles on everyone’s face. At T-Mobile she was known for consistently being at the top of her game in sales and service. In a region comprised of hundreds of Candidates she was one of two candidates chosen to be a part of the Career Development Program. With this said, I can strongly recommend AJ to any company and look forward to her success in industry.”

Cuong Tram , Store Manager , T-Mobile
managed Angele Jean indirectly at T Mobile Inc.

“AJ was a very talented individual. She was always finding ways to improve the company standards by setting the bar in various areas of the organization. Not only was she one of the top sales representatives in the region, but she was recognized as one of the top sales representatives in the nation. AJ demonstrated great leadership and positive motivation to the team, which in turn lead us to the top of the ranks for multiple months. With that said, AJ is a very strong talented individual that will bring great success to anyone if given the opportunity.”

Marcus Yee , Retail Sales Representative , T-Mobile
worked directly with Angele Jean at T Mobile Inc.


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