Napkin Labs | The Social Innovation Platform

[tweetmeme source=”@thegenyblogger” only_single=false] Napkin Labs, a web-based social innovation platform and is currently seeking all fields of Generation Y innovators to join its online community. Napkin Labs is a global community that enables talented people to engage in dynamic, collaborative, real-time conversations with companies to innovate products and services. Work together with engineers, graphic designers, … Continue reading

Influential Gen Y Role Model Sophia Bush Speaks Out

[tweetmeme source=”@thegenyblogger” only_single=false] You all know her as the driven, bubbly, beautiful fashionista/mogul Brooke Davis on the CW’s One Tree Hill. She’s gorgeous, popular, the ultimate dreamsicle of a high school boy’s fantasy and grazes red carpet events in old Hollywood style.  But did you know that behind all of the wonderful regalia of Hollywood stardom … Continue reading

Infuse Entrepreneurship: A Quest For Quality Education For Our Future

[tweetmeme source=”@thegenyblogger” only_single=false] Offering you Gen Y’ers a glimpse into my passion. I had blogged about what motivated me and even posted videos about world changers but there is nothing like seeing world changer work in action. Seeing our future take the present into their hands is an absolutely fantastic experience. Below is an overview … Continue reading

Announcing the Do-Gooder Virus Project

[tweetmeme source=”@thegenyblogger” only_single=false] As if I wasn’t juggling enough balls in th air I’ve come upon a challenge that will keep this blog with fresh and revitalizing content for all of you reading and subscribing. I’ve decided to put this blog on a regimen. For the next 365 days. Yes, you heard it, 365. I … Continue reading

GenJuice – Changing the World One Unconference At A Time

With GenJuice, our goal is to bridge the gaps that exist amongst all local support networks. The only way of doing this is to create partnerships with the local networks, and continue to build upon them. Understanding that it was for the greater good of our own organization as well as all the individuals vested in the same mission was essential.

A Chat with Pinkslip Mixers Founder and CEO of The Viral Publicity, Edwin Duterte

[tweetmeme source=”@thegenyblogger” only_single=false] Hello Gen Y! I had a opportunity to interview Edwin Duterte, Founder of Pinkslip Mixers and CEO of The Viral Publicity. He’s been producing dynamic events, career workshops and meetups for job seekers across the country and boy has he got some advice for Gen Y.  See his video above to get … Continue reading

How To Live Your Twenties Like The 1920’s

The purpose of this vignette is to remind you all about the world around you. Enjoy it, breathe it in and soak it up before it all withers away and you are left old, tired and gray in your fancy schmancy time machine teleporter.

Think Different | The Motivation to Change The World

[tweetmeme source=”@thegenyblogger” only_single=false] Bar none still the best ad campaign in my eyes. Here’s to you out there – you square pegs in a round hole. Here’s to the crazy ones. The misfits. The rebels. The troublemakers. The round pegs in the square holes. The ones who see things differently. They’re not fond of rules. … Continue reading

Calibanned. Pun Intended.

[tweetmeme source=”@thegenyblogger” only_single=false] For my Shakespearian readers. This post is a manifestation of a composition I wrote regarding Caliban and the perspective of being judged like a book cover. Enjoy! Calibanned, Pun Intended The Tempest is set in an imaginary world full of entertained ideas of monsters and spirits that is strategically comparative to Shakespeare’s … Continue reading

Planting Seeds of Value: 3 Questions to Powerful Connections

[tweetmeme source=”@thegenyblogger” only_single=false] The last couple of weeks have been quite a learning experience, by speaking to so many people and observing, listening and asking inquisitively, I have seen the power of solid connections. Connections and the ethereal way people connect whether superficially, by networking or by falling in love all stem from the same … Continue reading