The Right Questions Can Lead to the Right Risks

Back in November of 2011 I made a decision that altered my entire career.  It’s been exactly 90 days since I made that decision and guess what!? I’m not regretting it one bit. I must preface this by noting that my entire career in has evolved due to a series of decisions to pursue a … Continue reading

Why It’s Important to Standout From the White Paper

Standout form the crowd when getting your name out there!

Crafting an effective resume can be difficult. There’s the formatting, grammar, punctuation and, most importantly, your content. To stand out from the crowd, it’s not enough to create a laundry list of job duties. You also have to talk about the impact you made while you were in that position. Whether you’re looking for your … Continue reading

Indispensable Leadership Qualities in 21 Slices

I recently read the 21 Indispensable Leadership Qualities by John Maxwell and thought I would share with you the slices of knowledge that I took away from this wonderfully written leadership book. Leadership tools are a dime a dozen, but for me, what really intrigues me about modern leadership tools is the author’s ability to … Continue reading

Gen Y Advocate Connecting Young Talent and Mentors

Hello GenY! It’s been a while since our last post. We’ve got mighty big things cooking in the kitchen. Summer took off without a hitch and kept me busy speaking at conferences and attending conferences and meeting with more people who can offer us a better paradigm into out generation. Lately, this Gen Y blogger … Continue reading

Employers: Motivating Millennials

[tweetmeme source=”@thegenyblogger” only_single=false] A great article by by Annie Kohanek from Come Recommended. I just had to post it for all of you out there. Motivating the Gen Y and Millennial workforce. Checkout for more 411! Give your younger employees the space and freedom to do their work. This generation is defined by a … Continue reading

Company Brand Matters to Gen Y Personal Brands

[tweetmeme source=”@thegenyblogger” only_single=false] A big warning to all employers out there. Do you want to retain your top Gen Y talent? Do you want to maintain a steady pipeline of talent for your corporate succession garden? Then listen up – I offer below a recommendation on just a couple of the items that will keep us … Continue reading

Millennial Managers and The Great Expectation

[tweetmeme source=”@thegenyblogger” only_single=false] As the Gen Y and Millennial generation continues to enter the workforce the business world will begin to encounter acurrently very rare species of business person: the Gen Y Manager.  There are a few of them out there, usually high achieving Millennials in their late 20’s and very early 30’s, however it’s … Continue reading

Gen Y Infiltrators & Outside Perception: Who We Are Defined by Who They Are

I love to link articles posted by business leaders navigating in the ever increasing Gen Y Space. Here is a post from one of my RSS Feeds. by Paul Castain. Enjoy! Next up: Millennial Management 101. Paul Castain is the Vice President of Sales Development for Consolidated Graphics (CGX) and has more than 25 … Continue reading

Quenching Your Thirst for Passionate Leadership

“You see, great bosses are hard to come by.” GenY, as you navigate in your careers you will one day be faced with someone who you may believe to be the most recent spawn of Satan. But don’t discount them yet, I understand where you are coming from if you have experienced a bad manager … Continue reading

Gen Y – Who Would Hire YOU?

Words of Wisdom from Buddy Hobart: “By 2025, 75% of the world’s workforce will be Gen Y. Are we going to simply refuse to evolve? I once heard the opposite of evolution is extinction.” In the last few days, I have heard a few managers from two different organizations talking about “not hiring twenty-somethings” for … Continue reading