Why It’s Important to Standout From the White Paper

Standout form the crowd when getting your name out there!

Crafting an effective resume can be difficult. There’s the formatting, grammar, punctuation and, most importantly, your content. To stand out from the crowd, it’s not enough to create a laundry list of job duties. You also have to talk about the impact you made while you were in that position. Whether you’re looking for your … Continue reading

Most Bang for Your Buck: Five Principles on Retaining Generation Y Managers

We’re called Generation Y: people born between 1978 and 1994, and we’re rapidly climbing the business ladder. As more and more of us rise to entry level management positions, it’s increasingly important for upper management to understand how we young managers think in order to keep our interest in the organization. I speak from the … Continue reading

Your Brand? Your Mission?

I thought this might help those of you out there looking at brand and mission perspective. My good friend Danielle Leslie posted this on the Youtern blog back in April. It was just too juicy not to share. Before we continue investing our valuable time crafting, manicuring, and fine-tuning our online personae, we should ask … Continue reading

Education Nation or Education Stagnation?

This article was featured on the emerging influencers site http://www.genjuice.com under the Social Change section.Gen juice Launched on 10/10/10 as the leading destination for emerging influencers. Click on the link above to take a  look at all the wonderful content for the Gen Y in you! Education Nation or Education Stagnation? The opportunity of a … Continue reading

Napkin Labs | The Social Innovation Platform

[tweetmeme source=”@thegenyblogger” only_single=false] Napkin Labs, a web-based social innovation platform and is currently seeking all fields of Generation Y innovators to join its online community. Napkin Labs is a global community that enables talented people to engage in dynamic, collaborative, real-time conversations with companies to innovate products and services. Work together with engineers, graphic designers, … Continue reading

Calibanned. Pun Intended.

[tweetmeme source=”@thegenyblogger” only_single=false] For my Shakespearian readers. This post is a manifestation of a composition I wrote regarding Caliban and the perspective of being judged like a book cover. Enjoy! Calibanned, Pun Intended The Tempest is set in an imaginary world full of entertained ideas of monsters and spirits that is strategically comparative to Shakespeare’s … Continue reading

Quenching Your Thirst for Passionate Leadership

“You see, great bosses are hard to come by.” GenY, as you navigate in your careers you will one day be faced with someone who you may believe to be the most recent spawn of Satan. But don’t discount them yet, I understand where you are coming from if you have experienced a bad manager … Continue reading

Gen Y – Who Would Hire YOU?

Words of Wisdom from Buddy Hobart: “By 2025, 75% of the world’s workforce will be Gen Y. Are we going to simply refuse to evolve? I once heard the opposite of evolution is extinction.” In the last few days, I have heard a few managers from two different organizations talking about “not hiring twenty-somethings” for … Continue reading