Attention Job Seekers! Job Searching is like Pitching to a VC

I had the opportunity to speak to the students at International Technological University about their job search strategies, there were a few points that I thought I would share  with you in case you are looking or a structred and fun way to approach your job search.  You see, there are many factors that contribute to a … Continue reading

Why It’s Important to Standout From the White Paper

Standout form the crowd when getting your name out there!

Crafting an effective resume can be difficult. There’s the formatting, grammar, punctuation and, most importantly, your content. To stand out from the crowd, it’s not enough to create a laundry list of job duties. You also have to talk about the impact you made while you were in that position. Whether you’re looking for your … Continue reading

Indispensable Leadership Qualities in 21 Slices

I recently read the 21 Indispensable Leadership Qualities by John Maxwell and thought I would share with you the slices of knowledge that I took away from this wonderfully written leadership book. Leadership tools are a dime a dozen, but for me, what really intrigues me about modern leadership tools is the author’s ability to … Continue reading

Gen Y Advocate Connecting Young Talent and Mentors

Hello GenY! It’s been a while since our last post. We’ve got mighty big things cooking in the kitchen. Summer took off without a hitch and kept me busy speaking at conferences and attending conferences and meeting with more people who can offer us a better paradigm into out generation. Lately, this Gen Y blogger … Continue reading

Napkin Labs | The Social Innovation Platform

[tweetmeme source=”@thegenyblogger” only_single=false] Napkin Labs, a web-based social innovation platform and is currently seeking all fields of Generation Y innovators to join its online community. Napkin Labs is a global community that enables talented people to engage in dynamic, collaborative, real-time conversations with companies to innovate products and services. Work together with engineers, graphic designers, … Continue reading

Infuse Entrepreneurship: A Quest For Quality Education For Our Future

[tweetmeme source=”@thegenyblogger” only_single=false] Offering you Gen Y’ers a glimpse into my passion. I had blogged about what motivated me and even posted videos about world changers but there is nothing like seeing world changer work in action. Seeing our future take the present into their hands is an absolutely fantastic experience. Below is an overview … Continue reading

A Chat with Pinkslip Mixers Founder and CEO of The Viral Publicity, Edwin Duterte

[tweetmeme source=”@thegenyblogger” only_single=false] Hello Gen Y! I had a opportunity to interview Edwin Duterte, Founder of Pinkslip Mixers and CEO of The Viral Publicity. He’s been producing dynamic events, career workshops and meetups for job seekers across the country and boy has he got some advice for Gen Y.  See his video above to get … Continue reading

Freelance: From Idea to Venture to Revenue Stream

[tweetmeme source=”@thegenyblogger” only_single=false] Imagine this, you just graduated,  or you just got laid off,  and you have more time on your hands than you know what to do with. Or, if you are like me, you have so much to do that you literally wish there were more hours in the day – and that … Continue reading

Would you like some Wifi with that?

[tweetmeme source=”@thegenyblogger” only_single=false] STORY HIGHLIGHTS Starbucks joins an increasing list of brands and chains to offer free Wi-Fi in its stores Starbucks will bring quality content that is usually behind a pay wall to customers By offering content to users at Starbucks, service providers might gain new customers See the details on Mashable (Mashable) — Starting … Continue reading