Chapter Three – And The Fellow Meets Jayne

It was another un-extraordinary day at the firm. The office smelled like a smorgasboard of scents, familiar yet unfamiliar. From the piercing aroma of the coffee brewing in the office kitchen, to the latest Dior that her fellow finance and accounting recruiter Ellen was wearing, to the warm toasty donuts that were sitting on the … Continue reading

Chapter Two – The Interview and The Cavemen

Alice thanked the receptionist for welcoming her and quickly  followed her up the carpeted stairs. Resume, check. Portfolio, check. Just breathe, check. Nodding profusely, Alice took a deep breath and smiled as the  receptionist proceeded to cram the entire history of Cave Inc. during  their thirty-second trek up the stairwell. “We’ve just been through this … Continue reading

Chapter One – Alice McQueen

Alice McQueen. Twenty-two years old, freshly minted with a four-year college degree, hair coiffed in a signature pompadour armed with her power suit, matching five-inch stilettos, and Gucci sunglasses, walked into her first ever job interview since graduation. She fumbled around her Juicy Couture purse for her Blackberry to see what time it was hoping … Continue reading