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thegenyblogger n.

GenY employee of various Fortune 500/1000 firms. Blogging about generational equality and value in the workplace.

“What would you attempt to do if you knew you could not fail?”

Well, a lot has transpired over the past couple of years, I can truly say that I feel that I am well on my way to architecting my dream of changing the world. Whether it be one word, handshake, email, or phone call at a time. So I guess I will start with words.

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who am I exactly?

Well, I am the kick in your morning     coffee. I am the person that works hard at anything you throw at me and will  take what you’ve given and try to, (in my  own sense), turn it into a masterpiece. I  am the person that will grow and thrive  upon new ideas and while doing so  develop passion for the work I do. I like  to think of myself as the McGiver of my generation in which I honestly believe  that I can change the world with two  paper clips and a rubberband. (It’s all in  the delivery!). I am the person that will dedicate what is needed and more to a cause that I firmly believe in. I am the person that hangs the big picture on the bathroom mirror to not forget about the “why” of my journey.

I am the person who will put 36 hours in a 24 hour day, 14 days in a 7 day week and still feel restless. I thrive upon change, innovation, and opportunities to lead and learn from those around me. I am the person that will go above and beyond the call of duty. I am the person that needs a challenge so I don’t get bored. And finally, I am the person who believes it is possible to retire while working by doing a job you love to do.

Because my definition of retirement is… ” Doing what you love, all day everyday, yet still having enough to do to challenge you.” (Sure have come a long way from a gold watch and a pension!)

My name is Angelé Jean Thomas

AJ for short.

I write to you today about the generational frontier. I am a GenY’er / borderline millennial from the post baby boomer wave. I was born to two of the most fascinating yet strangest baby boomers you’ll know to date.

Generation Y, a force of as many as 70 million, and the first wave is just now embarking on our careers — taking our place in an increasingly multi-generational workplace. Today we face an aging workforce which comes with challenges and benefits for people like us. We think faster, stronger, and are more outspoken. In certain mediums, these skills can either be a benefit or detriment to our career.

what’s in store?

My involvement in my community is something very valuable to me. The reason being is because I believe the positivity that we give into the world turns into a fruitful venture in the future. I believe that everyone should be afforded a similar opportunity to succeed and that resources should be provided to those who don’t have an economic advantage. I volunteer at my local inner city high schools to remind young people of their possibilities. I enjoy unlocking that spark in their eyes and watching it turn into an unstoppable ball of fire that changes the world for the better. Due to this, I started a non-profit organization this year geared towards helping propel young folks and Generation Y entrepreneurs. The objective is to take their ideas to the next level. You can read more about the services that we provide on the site at http://www.entreworldwide.com.

In the future I want nothing more than to make a significant impact in the world in a positive way. It’s hard to answer the question of what you want to be when you grow up – in my mind, we are ALWAYS growing up. I hope to attend a prestigious Ph.D program focusing in Industrial and Organizational Psychology. I would love to focus my doctoral research and dissertation on how the Echo Boomers have impacted productivity and changed dynamics in the workplace. As for life goals? Well in my bucket list are the following: Host Saturday Night Live, become  a philanthropist, and break a world record. Read my blog entitled The Bucket List for my full list.

Until then, I am here, with you. Blogging.

Join me as I chronicle the journey through the vast landscape of various generational gaps and observations. I hope to provide a humorous view into our “beer goggles” and “rose colored glasses.”

Stick around, you just might find something that will surprise you.


5 Responses to “About the Blogger”
  1. Martin says:

    Excellent Post!

  2. AJ, every word of this is absolutely true. You are on my list of some of the brightest, most dedicated, interesting and charming people I know. I would trust you with any project and I have no doubt you will accomplish your entire Bucket List by the age of 39. You go girl!

  3. Thank you for you encouraging words! Laura – you are equally as inspiring and wonderful yourself! Go forth with Within!

  4. AJ, every word of this is absolutely true. You are on my list of some of the brightest, most dedicated, interesting and charming people I know. I would trust you with any project and I have no doubt you will accomplish your entire Bucket List by the age of 39. You go girl!

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