Indispensable Leadership Qualities in 21 Slices

I recently read the 21 Indispensable Leadership Qualities by John Maxwell and thought I would share with you the slices of knowledge that I took away from this wonderfully written leadership book. Leadership tools are a dime a dozen, but for me, what really intrigues me about modern leadership tools is the author’s ability to simplify the context in sizable and digestible morsels. This book is a useful tool for managers, leaders or wanting to be leaders and for those who wanted to improve self. This is not an overnight solution or tip but provides insights on how you can possibly develop characteristics and assess if you already have the traits of a true leader. It provided tips on how to improve specific leadership traits and also provided literatures and examples that make the book more interesting to read.

The traits of a leader provided by Maxwell in this book are alphabetized. And to briefly describe the book, the following are to be found within its covers:

Character This tells you that real leadership’s foundation lies on correct values and principles. Accordingly, experiences of difficulties do not necessarily make a leader but reveals the true nature of a leader.

Charisma this trait can be learned according to Maxwell. Charisma simply means making other people feel good about them.

Commitment Commitment means involves several things. It is equal to consistency, persistence, and dedication to ones goal. It starts from within and is measured by actions. It is the way to attaining ones mission, thus opening the door to achievements.

Communication – Communication means taking something difficult to understand and making it simple and easy to comprehend. To become an effective communicator, you must know how to clarify your messages, understands the listener, be truthful in your words, and gets feedback from them who listens.

Competence To develop this trait, there are steps one can do. Showing up every day means being there physically, intellectually and emotionally. Competence does not stop from doing good but means continuous improvement.

Courage – If there is no fear then there is no courage. Because courage means trying to overcome your fears and doing what you are afraid to do. Courage inspires others to follow suit and continue to influence other by its presence.

Discernment Discernment is developed through practice and continuous observation. Awareness of the unexpected is a result of being truly keen of what had happened already. This means putting together the pieces of a puzzle though the picture is not yet complete.

Focus Concentration and focus can be learned. It may seem similar to being a One-Track-Mind but does not fully mean that you are closed to other possibilities. Maxwell provided options on how you can keep your focus by learning your strength and knowing what matters most.

Generosity How can you share what you don’t have? So learn how to be thankful of what you have and appreciate it. Only when you learn how to appreciate will you be able to learn how to give.

Initiative How can you lead when you don’t know where to start? Maxwell pointed out that to have initiative, you must know what you want. Having initiative means taking more risks and making more mistakes, and learning from those.

Listening Listening does not only involve your ears, nodding your head and paraphrasing what others said. When you listen, you learn to understand with your head and heart. Learn how to listen.

Passion Do you want others to follow you wherever you go? Well, learn to have feelings with what you are doing. Take your goal into your heart. A burning desire to finish rubs of to others.

Positive Attitude How will you be positive when you are feeling low? Being positive is an attitude. You can choose your attitude and starting from it, you change you.

One Response to “Indispensable Leadership Qualities in 21 Slices”
  1. Anh says:

    Thank you for sharing. This is a great gem of wisdom. 🙂

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