Infuse Entrepreneurship: A Quest For Quality Education For Our Future

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Offering you Gen Y’ers a glimpse into my passion. I had blogged about what motivated me and even posted videos about world changers but there is nothing like seeing world changer work in action. Seeing our future take the present into their hands is an absolutely fantastic experience. Below is an overview of the program that my company, (Entré Worldwide), will be launching to one of our inner city high schools here in east side San Jose.  If you know someone who would like to sponsor we are currently looking for companies to offer six week internships and micro-scholarships in the amount of $100-$2,500. Help us empower the youth in our inner city schools by showing them the power of success in entrepreneurship!

Talking about debate strategy and Supreme Court cases regarding genetically modified foods. Smartest kids I know!

Here’s The Skinny:

Infuse Entrepreneurship is a program that will bring entrepreneurship opportunities to inner-city schools showing students that possibilities are endless in pursuing a charter to make the world a better place through their own ideas.

An initiation into the exciting world of business, our program gives every student the opportunity to be an entrepreneur. The program requires students to draw upon a wealth of valuable skills learned throughout their regular high school curriculum, including creativity, teamwork, critical thinking, problem solving, mathematics, written communication, computer science, and public speaking.

Through their entrepreneurial experience, these skills are strengthened while new ground is covered; students learn a tremendous amount about business, finance, sales, marketing, manufacturing, operations and management. Simply put, the Entré Academy Program provides young people the chance to find their entrepreneurial spirit and ultimately expand
their notion of what young minds can accomplish.

Through the academy, students will have the opportunity to put their ideas into action. Our program instructors will help students navigate the waters of entrepreneurship by helping students develop simple solutions through:

1. Generating and testing ideas
2. Identifying the necessary resources
3. Writing targeted business plans
4. Developing a product
6. Launching the business
7. Coping with setbacks
8. Professionalizing the business
9. Business development and Marketing
10. Investor and venture capital pitch

The integrated approach of this model provides a set of guidelines to help students interested in pursuing entrepreneurial ventures deal with the tasks he or she will be confronted with. Attention is also paid to corporate social responsibility, entrepreneurship and the family business, regional value and the future of entrepreneurship.

The Challenge
Students will be challenged to develop a product-based business that solves a social or economic issue geared towards green or clean technology. This program allows students to see entrepreneurship as a vehicle to create, innovate, and inspire each other and the world around them.

The Evolution of Learning
Infuse Entrepreneurship, sponsored by Blue Monitor Inc. and Semantic Seed, will provide a world class technological platform for learning in the after school environment. The entire program will be supported by virtualization software that will be run by a cloud technology platform. Student will interface through live video conference with their instructors from around the world.

Andrew Hill Biotech Academy Juniors. They will be participating in the inagural launch of Infuse Entrepreneurship this school year 2011 as seniors!

These instructors are specialist and subject matter experts in the field of: Marketing, Business Development, Advertising, Product Development, Technology, Social Entrepreneurship, Biotechnology and Science. Program coaches will be located internationally hailing from countries such as, Latin America, UK, Australia, Asia and major cities within the United States.
After successful completion of the program, Entré Academy students will have the opportunity to pitch their business ideas to local venture capitalists in the academy’s annual Symposium of Ideas convention of over 500 guests and other local high school competitors held in the Silicon Valley.

Here is the exciting part! We are going to Infuse the inaugural program into Andrew Hill High School in east side San Jose this year!! Here’s a picture of some of the wonderful kids that will be participating as seniors in the program next year.

Let me know if you are interested in getting involved. We are looking for people to help move the future into a fantastic opportunity to shine.

If you don’t know how to help: simply tweet this blog link to @johnlegend. We want to talk to him about some ideas on how to infuse quality education in our inner city schools. See some of the great work he is already doing here: John Legend – Look to the Stars he will be in the Bay Area this weekend and it may be the perfect opportunity for us to talk to him.

– AJ Thomas, The Gen Y Blogger

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