Announcing the Do-Gooder Virus Project

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As if I wasn’t juggling enough balls in th air I’ve come upon a challenge that will keep this blog with fresh and revitalizing content for all of you reading and subscribing. I’ve decided to put this blog on a regimen. For the next 365 days. Yes, you heard it, 365. I will be blogging about the great work people are doing in the community by either fundraising ventures, new entrepreneurial ventures, life-changing ventures, etc.

This blog has always been about Generation Y, but they are a dime a dozen these days. And to avoid this blog from going into Blogstinction, (whereby the blog will be irrelevant in a few weeks time), I’ve decided to share with my generation the Do-Gooder Virus.

The Challenge: blog about influential people who are doing good if not great deeds to push their generations forward. The project is not Gen-Neutral and the interviews and blogging will be as interesting as we can can into words, pictures, videos and links.

The Contender: An aspiring writer and Jane of All Trades who wants nothing more than to deliver great news about influential people doing great things like raising money for cancer or helping the other causes in stealth mode.

Goal: To raise awareness in the Gen Y community about all the wonderful things, past, future and current generations are doing to make a difference.

Icing on the Cake: To interview Oprah, Brian Williams and Ellen Degeneres. ( I know it s a long shot but its a goal.) Stay tuned and root, offer pits of sarcasm, wit and insults if you have to. But remember that I prefer encouragements along the way. The purpose of this project is to motivate all of you to see the wonderful waves we are all creating to make this world a better place. So join me as we chronicle The Gen Y Blog in do-gooder fashion.

The inaugural interview will be with a special Gen Y’er who has made waves in the entertainment industry thus far and a Gen Y do-gooder that has raised over $10,000 in just three short days for the movement in the gulf.

Who is it? Stay tuned and subscribe and you will find out!

If you know someone who should be featured on this blog please send me an email and contact me. It’s important that we spread the Do-Gooder Virus as broadly as we can. We have the power to change the course of media in spreading great news – have a hand in it why don’t ya?

Today is Sunday July 25th, 2010. One year from today I will have spread the do-gooder virus  to the mainstream media.


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