A Chat with Pinkslip Mixers Founder and CEO of The Viral Publicity, Edwin Duterte

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Hello Gen Y!

I had a opportunity to interview Edwin Duterte, Founder of Pinkslip Mixers and CEO of The Viral Publicity. He’s been producing dynamic events, career workshops and meetups for job seekers across the country and boy has he got some advice for Gen Y.  See his video above to get to know more about his venture and how his creative entrepreneurial drive has taken a small idea into a large and scalable national event.

What is the Viral Publicity?

The Viral Publicity is about connecting with the areas highest producing professionals.

The Nationally Recognized Viral Movements of PinkSlipMixers.com job search networking and OneKeyAway.com dating concepts, Edwin Duterte will be introducing his new business concept  “The Viral Publicity”.

Our professionals are experienced social media marketers, event promoters and seasoned news producers. We understand small businesses need to connect to the community and our “Connectors” will be your personal wingmen to start your social media campaign.

Our concept include many more tools such as workshops on how to turn your business into a news worthy story for local and national TV and Radio news.

The idea of The Viral Publicity is to create and empower local businesses by forming active communities (both
online and at live events) whereby everyone is connecting the dots and creating sales opportunities for one another.

The power of our events and workshops is the community we help you build to be a bigger and stronger organization. We help you create the buzz online, supported by live events, which will give your company credibility with traditional press.

What is Pinkslip Mixers?

It’s the same methodology as the Viral Publicity but more geared towards employees who have found themselves “pink-slipped” by their current organizations. It’s a series of mixers held all over the nation in hopes to help others network,  find a job and pay forward the resources they have acquired through the networking events.

What Edwin has done for the job seeker space is absolutely innovative and warrants the great attention he has received from the likes of major networking companies all over the nation.  Here are a few of the networks covering his amazing story ABC, NBC, CNN – he’s even after Larry King’s job! (see his video above.)

What does a typical PSM event look like?

Some of the Bay Area’s best known companies attend these events for new employees. Recruiters from companies like Tesla Motors, Google, and Robert Half are there to show support and mingle with the attendees as well in a very relaxed and informal setting. Meeting recruiters in an informal setting is good for both sides. Not only is your talent level important, but also your personality. The mixer gives companies a chance to see if you will fit in their company culture.

His advice for Gen Y

Be creative but learn the basics. I see too many young and driven individuals who always want things right now. The $100k Salary, the VP title right after graduation, the nice and fancy car or house two years into the working world. Even though technology has made the world a smaller space for everyone to navigate it doesn’t mean that sending out a couple of Tweets and writing a blog is going to get you over night success. There’s nothing wrong with working hard for something you want and not rushing the process.

Think about it, as a first time boxer you don’t want your first fight to be with Tyson right? So take it slow, be creative and learn the basics. there’s nothing wrong with a slow rise to the top. In more ways than one it’s a lot more sustainable that an overnight flash for fame.

Edwin’s advice hits home for me as I operate in the Gen Y space. We’re the “Y not now generation” often impatient and skilled beyond belief.  Take heed of the words peers and friends and take advantage of the networking events sponsored by Edwin’s ventures. he plans to take the Viral Publicity to a place where he can bridge social media and traditional media by showing businesses and personal brands how to utilize this as a platform to spread their message virally on and off the net.

Edwin will also be one of the speakers for Infuse Entrepreneurship this summer as we take the program live at Andrew Hill High School in September of 2010.

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