How To Live Your Twenties Like The 1920’s

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You ever find your self saying “Man! that week went by soooooo fast!” or “Where did the time go?” Today I am writing about how to live a 20/20 lifestyle… bringing back the roaring twenties in your early, mid or late twenties.

Who in the room likes technology and social media?  Raise your hands please if you are reading this. Chances are, if you are reading this you probably love social media and the zero time application. Don’t get me wrong, I do too… but sometimes don’t you just wish life was as simple as a black and white film? Where more was left to your imagination and you experience a feeling so nostalgic you can’t quite put your finger on it.

Living in the Brave New World of technology is a bit daunting to some – even for people in the Gen X category, especially those seeing the transitions between generations and technology move faster than what the speed of sound can allow.

With the advent of Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, MySpace, Foursquare, etc., the world we live in is no longer clouded with mystery and surprise but rather saturated with so much information that with every breath any current event becomes a blink 10 years past.

The purpose of this vignette is to remind you all about the world around you. Enjoy it, breathe it in and soak it up before it all withers away and you are left old, tired and gray in your fancy schmancy time machine teleporter.

Here are some ways to live your 20’s like you are living in the 1920’s.

Put your phone down for at least one hour. Relish in the lack of urgency to pick up your cellphone while you are having a conversation with a dear friend…who happens to be sitting right in front of you. Have a coffee at Starbucks with your allocated cream, sugar packets and expresso shot – sans the free wi-fi.

Take a walk or a run out side. Take everything in around you – breathe. If you are in New York take a carriage ride around Central Park, as for a guy named Joe Mongetti (he gives the best tours.) Let time evaporate slowly like a steaming ice-cube in a warm sauna — sans anything that has buttons or reception.

Cook your dinner. Resist the allure of tipping over 20% at your favorite restaurant joint. Break out the cookbook and the “slow-cooker” (pun intended) and enjoy making something simple: like spaghetti with meatballs or a turkey and spinach pannini. Take the time to stir the kool-aid or make fresh lemonade — sans anything with a microchip in it.

Read a real book. Voltaire, or a romantic novel – i recommend Sherlock Holmes or something old worldly. Or an inspiring or motivational book. Pick your poison. Get wrapped up in the words and your imagination. Read by candle light with a pretentious ruffled white shirt and a monocle if you have to – sans a Kindle, iPad or anything sold on Amazon.

Hold your significant other’s hand instead of texting each other from across the room. No Skyping, Aiming, Meeboing, Facebooking…you get my drift. No time like the present – go out on a date, leave your phones at home, leave your emails in your inbox. Simply hold each other’s hand and… talk about the world around you – sans anything with a sim card or a CDMA network.

So there you have it. Five simple ways to start living life in your twenties like your living in the 1920’s.  Try it. You might like it and time just may move a little slower than watching peaches grow.

Oh, and afterwards – go ahead and Tweet about your experience.

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