Employers: Motivating Millennials

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A great article by by Annie Kohanek from Come Recommended. I just had to post it for all of you out there.

Motivating the Gen Y and Millennial workforce. Checkout http://www.comerecommended.com for more 411!

Give your younger employees the space and freedom to do their work. This generation is defined by a life of time management. With parents setting the bar higher than ever, these kids have learned how to balance a record breaking host of responsibilities. Give them a task, and let them do it. Unafraid of authority, they will come to you with any questions. And, it will be done in time.

Break tasks into smaller, finished, goals. Millennials are a generation of instant results and idealism. A life with cell phones, text messages, and social media means patience is no longer a top virtue. Millennials are also more idealistic, and prefer their work to make a difference. Surprisingly enough, these two can create a volatile combination in the office. With these two factors combined together, many young workers get quickly discouraged that their work is not making an instant difference. By breaking up tasks into smaller, completed goals, these employees get that sense of accomplishment and feeling of success which they use to define their performance.

A different sense of authority. Millennials are not anti-establishment, in fact, they are generally conventional. However, the parameter of authority is vastly different. Millennials have no problem following direction, but they do demand to be treated as equals. They are a generation of communicators – everyone gets a chance to speak and be heard, no matter your position. During meetings, or even in day to day conversations, be sure to give them a chance to speak their m

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