What Motivates & Inspires You?

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Have any of you ever been asked what motivates and inspires you? I know I have, and I can honestly garner so many anchors that have inspired me to move forward with life in a positive way. I’d like to share some of these with you today if you don’t mind. My hope is to bring you some inspiration to find what it is that truly motives and inspires you to continuously move forward.

Here it goes!

*deep breath*

Young People. I can’t go a few feet in this world without noticing how much life, potential and possibilities are now in the hands of our upcoming generations. I step into a high school or a middle school and feel the electricity of hope that surges through that environment. The great thing about it? They don’t even know it’s in front of them.

Learning New Things. It’s a proven fact the earning new things is a great way to foster and breed inspiration and innovation. When you learn something new, you engage the endorphins and dendrites in your brain that lead you to feeling empowered, confident and inspired. Think about how you felt the last time something “clicked” for you. Did you feel like a rock star or what? I remember when I discovered my knack of getting things done – there was no method or rhythm or self-help book – I just did- and bada bing, bada blaw! Done!

Travel. I have had the opportunity of a lifetime to travel and visit different countries, states and cultures. There’s nothing better than being able to soak up the nuances of a new environment. Whether it’s new people, new food, a new subway route, new people you meet on the plane or the train – all are great places to draw inspiration from. Oh, and did I mention the networking possibilities? Yes – Galore!

Discovering Others’ Goals. Whenever I meet someone new I always ask: “what are your goals?” and shortly after moments of pondering on their end, I ask, ” How do you plan to get there?” I firmly believe that knowing the direction people are traveling in their lives, whether it be for the moment or for the future, is a great baseline for an engaging conversation. So many ideas are exchanged in the medium of conversation and it’s absolutely inspiring for me to see others and how they plan to achieve their goals because I can dip into my skill set and see how I can best add value to their experience. Try it! Next time you meet someone new and the timing is right ask them: ” what are your goals and how do you plan to get there?” You’ll be amazed at the synergy. Guaranteed.

Family and Friends. Last but not least the support system that I have motives and inspires me to no end. I am the oldest of four siblings and I think everyday how I can be a better example for them as a sister, a friend, a student, a worker, and entrepreneur…the list goes on. I firmly believe that they keep me grounded and remind me of where I come from. It’s these foundational relationships that keep me dreaming of a better world for them. They encourage, inspire, motivate and provide me honest feedback when I run into moments where I need to look into a mirror and digress.

We define our own destiny and experiences through the actions we take everyday. Think about a couple of the thoughtlines above and seek opportunities in which you can apply them to breed inspiration and motivation. Trust me, it’ll do wonders for your smile and your dendrites.


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