Oh the Things We Dare Not Say…

Warning: Sarcasm Infused Below, (until about halfway through.)

The Devils’ Advocate: I write this to you today as an outsider inside. I feel perplexed about the world around me. Being more introspective than speculative, I see myself traveling down a road going literally a few hundred miles per hour, no walls in sight – dreams and goals intact.

How did the world become so small all of a sudden? How do we progress into doing what it is we need to do without feeling like we have to have a safety net underneath?

It’s absolutely frustrating to think that this is all there is; a, laptop, a Blackberry, a 9 to 5 with benefits and an expense account when I know there’s a vast world untapped out there. For some – it’s just an iPhone and so many hours in a day that we don;t know what to do with it.

Sarcasm Peak: I see the world through someone else’s eyes. Someone who the world defines as a person that has done it all. Someone who has 300+ comments on a blatantly ignorant Facebook posting with hash tags and at symbols galore; someone who has more Twitter followers than Jesus.

What the hell is wrong here? There’s some formula that I am missing right? Wait – let me post this real quick on Twitter and check in on 4Square. Garrgh!

I’m back.

I need to shift this thing into gear. Because right now – I guess the only thing that matters is more than just survival. In today’s world and in the language my generation speaks, just surviving is settling (what a concept!)

Fact: Survival is not moving into the purpose of your actualized potential.

Fact: Surviving is all there is for those that don’t challenge the status quo.

I find myself again in a place where complacent is a savored flavor.

Woe is me: When will I ever be happy? Will I ever be good enough to make this happen – yes, no? A schizophrenic mindset is all I end up with at the end of the day. Thinking that if I somehow do not save the world then everything I have touched and path that I have crossed was a manifestation of a mistake. These are the questions I ask myself.

These Questions: There is that inner battle between conquering the world and conquering your fears. One is always going to be much more magnified than the other.There is always the question of boiling the ocean or settling for a pot of hot water. Is it really that bad?

Does everyone have to be a super hero these days? On a quest to save the world and every little cat stuck in a tree? Or are we too ignorant and self-righteous that we forget who we are when we are awake?

These questions I ask to provoke some thought into our small worlds that gets smaller with every Tweet and Facebook chatter. Where peace within yourself is no longer an option because it is filled with so much white noise. Swimming in my brain are emails, and texts, and Skype’s, blog posts, bit.ly’s, and phone calls. How can there be peace?

Where did the simplicity of chasing the American Dream go? Is it not enough to ask for a steady job and food on the table anymore? Have we become the generation that seeks to be understood yet do not understand the complexities of life? Do we know reality from our dreams and goals? Are we pursuing it with valor or with a need to achieve what we believe to be the most impossible? And for what? Success? Notoriety? Money? For what?

A Shakespearian sonnet it is. Now wipe your misty eyes full of wonder and read on.

Here is the other side: Who would like to tell me that you have not gone through this thought process before? Please raise your hands GenY’ers…I would love to get inside your brain to see how your myelin is wired. After checking your phone so many times for new messages you’ve practically developed a technological reflex right? Hoping the next email will be a job opportunity or something to cling on until you find yourself on Zuckerberg and Brin/Page Row.

“Get a grip on reality,” “Your generation feels so entitled!”

I’ve heard this floating out and about and as I navigate the space between having to and wanting to do things – honestly, it’s only fueled the fire.

The Battlefield: Being a GenY’er in the corporate space is an absolutely enthralling/frustrating experience. I cannot tell you how many times I’ve heard the word “green” or “young one” at the work place. Oh wait! My favorite, “well you probably weren’t born yet when this happened but…” I cannot tell you how many times I’ve looked back and forth at the proverbial ladder and the open field across the street waning in between my dreams and what is “comfortable” and “acceptable” for some one my age.

In regards to those comments, it’s being said so much that I begin to tune out and tune into what is going on internally. We are not machines, we just can’t wait for the moment until we stretch our wings into the real world. We think and strategize and use synergy as a foundation of doing and being because synergy to us is not just a concept.

On being uncomfortable: Being uncomfortable is the best place to be at my age. I’ve had my run in the corporate arena, I see people who have been in their jobs for 10 and even 20 years who have climbed their way up the corporate ladder only to find that their talents and contributions are one day dispensable and regurgitated into unemployment. (Good bye pension – 2 days before it vests…) Who wants to be held on top of that fire? My generation is Y’erd to think differently – we want to drive our own destiny, we think with no box in sight, we feel there is no ladder to climb. Why climb one when you can make it yourself? We are mental philanthropists and technological ninja’s; we crave to add value and do not get the point of a 9-5 in an office when there are 24 hours in a day to do work – and might I add.. remotely without the cost of overhead.  We do not want to be defined by what we do because in a sense, this controls fundamentally who we are.

The Brave New World: The world to us is small – and yes, some of us are scared out of our minds because realistically there is no steady job with a gold watch and a pension on the other end of the rainbow. But you know what, we find ways to create our experience. I left the brick and mortar comfort of the corporate world to have the opportunity to lend my innovative strategies to a well-known high-tech firm, build and develop a business at a local start-up and pilot the plane of my non-profit organization.

Value: The intangibles of what these opportunities offer me cannot be found in expense accounts and multi-million dollar organizations. The world is too small to think comfortably. These opportunities afford me the opportunity to be uncomfortable, because as resilient as I am, I know I will find a way to make it work while still adding value.

Just remember: The difference between someone who gives and someone who succeeds is the person who is willing to cross the line between frustation to determination.

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  1. harp says:

    The image made me laugh

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