Arts for Entrepreneuship – Local Birmingham Filmmaker Makes Waves in Business and Film.

Kenton Bartlett, infusing entrepreneurial gusto into Hollywood. New film set to debut entitled "Missing Pieces."

Artful Entrepreneurship.

I have the lovely pleasure of introducing  you to an awesome filmmaker about to take Hollywood by storm. Literally. He’s a fellow GenY’er and a recent graduate of American University. His new film is set to debut soon.

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The wonderful thing about Kenton is that his approach to film making is not only artistic but he does so with entrepreneurial gusto that’s awe inspiring. He’s pitched his idea to several investors, created a network of savvy friends and family passionate about his cause and built a dream team of folks who are chugging along to get his venture off the ground. Truly awe inspiring – artisits are often overlooked as entrepreneurs and Kenton is the prime example of a determined artist who will make waves in the industry. He’s certainly one to look out for. Missing Pieces is currently in post-production and his team is steadily raising funds to support the release of the film.

Read on to get to know him more.

BIRMINGHAM, AL Contraction Entertainment is the home for the South’s next big Hollywood connection. Twenty-one year old company owner and filmmaker, Kenton Bartlett, has already begun principle photography for his first feature film, which will star Mark Boone, Jr. (Batman Begins, Memento) and Melora Walters (Magnolia, HBO’s Big Love). Missing Pieces (Working Title), written by Bartlett, is a feature film that will surely bring fresh entertainment for all audiences to enjoy. Bartlett graduated from American University in May, 2009 with a double major in both Film & Media Arts and The Business of Film. Bartlett’s initial plan for working in the industry was to become a film critic; “Then boredom on campus (American University) and the guilt of an expensive tuition lead me to take advantage of everything on campus – like the cool computer programs”. As he continued to take more courses in AU’s School of Communication, his attention to making his own films became more profound.

Filming on location with Kenton Bartlett Gen Y Innovator and Filmmaker.

Missing Pieces is a film that provides a mixture of practical locations, marketability, and personal emotional resonance. In the film, a kidnapper takes two lonely souls and tries to make them better off by putting them through a series of distinct and unusual tasks. It is a film that tells the story of four strangers who change each other’s lives. This four-year project, underway since March, 2008, is not a conventional Hollywood production. No executives or professional crews. Instead, the production model revolves around working with a team of highly motivated aspiring filmmakers, actors, and cineasts to create the movie. Currently, over 100 crew members and over 40 actors are eagerly on board working without pay. With only an $80,000 budget, Bartlett says he is “relying on community support” to assist in bringing his story to life. In addition, Bartlett is also hoping to attract support from any interested in getting involved.

Kenton Barlett exercising his directing chops on set with actor Mark Boone from Memento (2000) Summit Entertainment.

About Contraction Entertainment



Contraction Entertainment is a motion pictures production company. The company is located in Birmingham, AL and is owned by Kenton Bartlett.

Media Contact Information:

Jessica McGettigan, Media Contact

Full Name: Kenton Woodard Bartlett

Age: 22

Location: Birmingham, AL

Hometown: Birmingham, AL

Passion: Tell stories through movies.

Tell us why: Everyone likes the movies. Everyone needs an escape. Making movies is the most rewarding job to have.

Bio & Background: American University graduate with a double major in business in film. After taking on several personal film projects and supplemental self-study, diving in to make a full-length movie seemed more realistic than most people would think.

Contract'n Entertainment, the production company producing his up and coming film debut. Did I mention its his production company as well?

What’s your venture: Writing, directing, and producing a full-length, independent, feature film. The movie’s lead actor has appeared in Batman Begins, 2 Fast 2 Furious, 30 Days of Night, and the TV show, ‘Sons of Anarchy.’

Can you name a person who has had a tremendous impact on you as a leader? Maybe someone who has been a mentor to you? Why and how did this person impact your life?

David Gordon Green is a writer/director who began his career in the independent film circuit. He made his first feature film for $40,000 through the garnering support of his friends and community. His unique philosophies and ideas about cinema, friendship, and life serve as a moral compass within the context of film-making.

What are the most important decisions you make as someone armed with an idea?

The decision-making strategy that works for me is to develop a solid initial plan first. Break it down into small steps. Then climb the staircase step by step. After the planning stage, forget about how steep the stairs might be, and just look at it one step at a time. Every decision and interaction is important. Whether it’s talking with an executive or a janitor, everyone is human and deserves the same respect. Treat every e-mail, meeting, and conversation equally. Trust your gut. That’s all you need to know about making decisions.

What is most important to you – mission, core values, or vision? Why?

Core values are most important to me. If your current mission or vision fails, but your values are strong, then you won’t have alienated those around. Having trustworthy and loyal friends and associates will get you farther in life than an egocentric project.

What are a few resources you would recommend to someone looking to gain insight into becoming a future world changer or entrepreneur?

-Maybe this is an ignorant response, but my recommendation for ‘changing the world’ in any way is to follow your heart, work harder than you think you can, and ignore the competition. Thinking about how you compare to other people can lead to discouragement, so my secret is to do my best and not pay attention to what everyone else is doing.

Kenton in action on the set of "Missing Pieces."

Who inspires you? Why?

As a filmmaker, other moviemakers inspire me. Some of my favorite directors are David Gordon Green, Paul Thomas Anderson, Craig Brewer, Terrence Malick, and Michel Gondry. Each of these directors is a down-to-earth ‘everyman’ who also makes movies. They don’t gloat in success or drive fancy cars. They do what they do because they NEED to. Not because of the money or the fame

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