The Bucket List


Many of you are familiar with a bucket list right? Well, in the spirit of sharing I wanted to share with you a few items on my list. I’m curious if any of you are willing to share a snapshot of your yet to do’s?

It’s always very interesting to explore these things that you have yet to accomplish right? Put your lists and feed back in the comment box below. Or you can tweet them to me @thegenyblogger



The List

  1. Host Saturday Night Life
  2. See the Seven Wonders of the World
  3. Spend a whole summer in Italy
  4. Learn how to paint
  5. Dance in the middle of the Amazon
  6. Go to Africa to establish a school for young women
  7. Skydive in Kauai
  8. Be a Mother
  9. Be a Motivational Speaker
  10. Be a New York Times best selling author
  11. Be on the cover of Business Week and Entrepreneur Magazine
  12. Write an article/blog for The New York Times and Cosmopolitan
  13. Be on the Today show
  14. Jam with Bono and The Edge from U2
  15. Write a Billboard Top 100 song
  16. Be a Philanthropist
  17. Make my first $Million by 30
  18. Read Micromégas, by Voltaire
  19. Teach a class at Stanford University
  20. Run for Mayor before 35 and win the election
2 Responses to “The Bucket List”
  1. rai says:

    cool, you have a lot of ambitions.

    i would like to do three things:
    1. work for the CIA
    2. be an astronaut
    3. discover a new species

    haha they’ll come true for sure.

  2. John Layton says:

    Mayor of where? I’ve never seen that on a list before. How exciting AJ – JLAY

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