Chapter One – Alice McQueen

Alice McQueen.

Twenty-two years old, freshly minted with a four-year college degree, hair coiffed in a signature pompadour armed with her power suit, matching five-inch stilettos, and Gucci sunglasses, walked into her first ever job interview since graduation. She fumbled around her Juicy Couture purse for her Blackberry to see what time it was hoping that arriving twenty minutes early to this interview did not make her look desperate.

She made eyes with the receptionist, ” Don’t worry, she should be down soon, I just let her know that you’ve arrived.”

Crap! She knows I’m here.

As if the florescent lights were not enough to make her look paler than usual, the drabby teal green chair she sat in while waiting for her interviewer didn’t do much to compliment her olive skin tone. Her white business suit was all she had pressed the night before so she carefully dressed herself and decided that the Labor Day rule didn’t really apply to job interviews. She did wonder if she was a little over dressed. Fumbling back into her purse she pulled out her Blackberry again to check the time. Mistakenly, she had grabbed her iPod instead.Good thing this gadget also doubled as a time-telling device.

9:36 Twenty-four minutes left.

Alice glanced at her stilettos and wondered how she would fare climbing up the teal green carpet of stairs that led to the room she would soon be sitting in.

God, I hope this woman is not interviewing someone else before me. Did I print out two copies of my resume?

Alice has had her fair share of interviews prior to landing a face-to-face interview with Cave Inc. She clicked on the WSOP app on her iPhone and began recalling how she scored the interview when she was still working as a recruiter for Fellow Staffing.


B: “Bryan Holmes”

A: “Hi Bryan, this is Alice McQueen from Fellow Staffing, how are you today?”

B: “Fine, really busy. I don’t have time to talk to you and we do not use staffing agencies.”

A: “Great, well can I call you to follow-up anyway? You never know, you may need us in the future.”

B: “Sure, just leave me a message and I’ll call you, sound good?”

A: “Ah, one more thing, are you sure you don’t want to see my candidate’s resume?”

B: “No.”


Little did Bryan know that Alice would be calling him at 3pm every Thursday until he eventually had to call her back with the chance to interview for Cave Inc.

Week after week she called Bryan religiously hoping that he would take the bite. Until one fateful day the phone call arrived.


A: Alice McQueen of Fellow Staf…

He didn’t let her finish.

B: Hey Alice, it’s Bryan Holmes. Listen, are you still interested in working with Cave?

She was besides herself – stalking the recruiter religiously paid off after all!

A: Uh, uhm, yes, of course. Did you want me to send over the candidate’s resume? She’s got 10 years experience in…

Again he interrupted.

B: Yeah about that, we won’t be needing your services.

A: I don’t understand Bryan you just asked if I was interested in…

B: Yeah, we currently have a position open for an Administrator at Cave…

His voice trailed off in the background of her thoughts.

Now Alice was even more confused. He sighed on the other line sounding  a bit bemused and a tinge annoyed.

B: I’m recruiting you dear. Are you interested in working with Cave? You see, that’s the only way we’ll be able to work together; I send you the job description and if you are interested, you email me your resume.


B: You there? Hello?

A: Yes, I, uhm, yeah, I’m here.

She was shuffling through a stack of papers now.

B: Listen, I’ll be online for another half hour. Looking forward to your email.


She heard a familiar voice in her daze. “Uhm, Ms. McQueen?

Alice snapped herself back into reality, she saw the receptionist and her gleaming braces standing directly in front of her.

“Ms. McQueen, she’s ready for you now.”

Immediately Alice grabbed her folder and stuffed her iPod back into the side lining of her purse.

Here we go.


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